training and groups



STUDIOone offers flexible options:


STUDIO one CARPENTER:  comfortably accomodates up to ten people horseshoe style

STUDIO one COOPER:  a smaller space suitable for small groups (5/6) or as a breakout /coffee room

STUDIO one LUCKES:  a smaller space suitable for small groups ,up to five people or as a breakout room

a small reception area with two chairs links all spaces and has a mini fridge and kettle facility.  Shared 'wash up' kitchen and toilets are on the lower floors


a projector and flipchart are on site

each room is equipped with armchair seating and low table 

STUDIOone has a total of fourteen 'meeting style' chairs available for use for the entire space in addition to a three seater sofa and  eight easy chairs, and two large tables



day, part day and evening availability