We offer professionals a commitment-free way to join us at STUDIO one, respecting the need for flexibility and autonomy in your own business. This means space is available on plans that range from ad-hoc to fixed sessions, and the ability to move in and out of agreements as your practice  demands. ( see below) .  To maintain our low hire costs, we have minimised administration; you have access to an online calendar to book yourself in and are invoiced monthly on a trust basis.  These arrangements have proved valuable to those working here, many of whom have grown their practice with us from start up.  We also have very competitive rates for weekend hire for groups/ training etc. 

We have regular meet ups for the people working out of STUDIO one, offering a great networking opportunity, as well as sense of community and belonging,

flexible plans

Each room has sand-tray equipment which is discreetly stored so as to maintain a calm and uncluttered environment.

STUDIO one 'CARPENTER' : two armchairs and a three seater sofa, two desk chairs, a low table and a working height table.


STUDIO one 'COOPER' :  three armchairs, two desk chairs, a low table, a working height table.

STUDIO one 'LUCKES' three armchairs, one desk chair, a low table, a wall desk.

There is a small reception area that links the three spaces, shared toilet facilities on the first floor, and a shared kitchen facility on the second floor.


training / meetings /groups :

STUDIO one  has available:  flipchart, fourteen chairs ( for 'theatre or horseshoe' style), two meeting tables and a projector.

centrally located near to public transport and a variety of eateries, makes STUDIO one perfect for small meetings , CPD / workshops etc.


all wellbeing practitioners working from STUDIO one maintain current indemnity insurance, and membership of an appropriate professional body

ad hoc



a no-commitment plan, check the diary and book





flexible regular


commit to one 'unfixed' hour a week, which you can use at any time in a month, and carry over unused sessions


(includes listing on this website and occasional social media features)




flexible regular '+'


commit to a minimum of three hours a week (unspecified times/days), 

(includes listing on this website, occasional social media features and option to have name / info plate on premises)

weekly regular


sole use of a set three or more hours on a given day each week ( or multiples thereof)

Mornings, afternoons or evenings


(includes listing on this website, occasional social media features and option to have name / info plate on premises)


third sector


in line with our own values, we have a current arrangement with two low cost counselling service charities at reduced fees, and can offer this to other charitable organisations when diary space allows




What’s the significance of the room names?


We decided to name the rooms after people of historical significance who have a strong connection to Exeter:

Mary Carpenter (1807 – 1877) 

An educational and social reformer, she founded a ragged school and reformatories, bringing previously unavailable educational opportunities to poor children and young offenders. Her lobbying was instrumental in the passage of several educational acts in the mid-nineteenth century.  She was active in the anti-slavery movement and publicly supported women’s suffrage.

Eva Luckes (1854 – 1919)

A protégé of Florence Nightingale, she was responsible for reforms to the training of nurses, improving its quality and extending its duration.  She ensured that nurses were provided with meals and better quality accommodation, improved their pay and encouraged them to join the National Pension Scheme for Nurses.  

Tommy Cooper (1921 – 1984)

A member of a NAAFI entertainment party during WW2, when he developed an act around his magic tricks interspersed with comedy and adopted his trademark fez.  Cited as one of the greatest ever comedy acts and an influence on many contemporary comedians.  Thanks to his many television shows during the 1970s he was one of the most recognisable comedians in the world.